Nobel Anpu Galileo and the Umfumdi of the ANU Spiritual Training

ANU Spiritual Training

Nobel Anpu Galileo and the Umfumdi of the ANU Spiritual Training


We introduce on ANU Asafo Damon Rawls our new guest, a student of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center and who is also enrolled in the ANU Spiritual Training Phase I.

Lanay and Kimberly umfumdi/students of the ANU Spiritual Training came together this week on ANU Asafo to speak on their experience with the training.   These two women are very active with the ANU Order and have contributed a great deal to the experience.  They are both new to African Traditional Spirituality based on Indigenous calculations.

The ANU Order is not based on one system but takes different parts of indigenous systems and shows the different correlations across many cultural systems and show how it is all connected.

The hands on activities alone bring the training from a mental intellectual experience, to a soul centered physical one.

For Kimberly the training has a grounding effect for her and gained a reference point in order to self-actualize, and for Lanay she finds herself more sensitive to her surroundings and feelings and finds a freedom in going with the flow of things.  She also is learning how to integrate spirituality in her children’s lives.


ANU Spiritual Training

Nobel Anpu Galileo is an astrology coach from He has been an entrepreneur for about 4 years now.

He teaches that the collective consciousness to render a physical manifestation based on the wave particular collapse theory. You must see it in your mind until you acquire it and this is related to the phenomenon in quantum physics that when you can observe a neuron and it will become a particle.

Can you use spirituality for freedom? It is not taught in this American society how to live healthy, how to avoid genetically modified foods, or how to behave like a human so the question becomes relevant to anyone interested in living an actualized life.

The ANU Spiritual Training gives one the tools to live a free and self-actualized life. If you are willing to do your own work and really be honest with yourself then you will see a tremendous change in your life.

Another project Nobel Anpu is working on is called the Neptune Dream Institute. The Neptune Dream Institute  teaches one to bridge the conscious mind to subconscious mind or the immortal brain and how to become conscious in the dream world.

One of the ideas that he lives by is the famous quote by Galileo “We cannot teach a man anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves”.   He calls this a DNA explosion and this showed up in his life when he began to seriously study astrology and esoteric information and purports that anyone can have it.


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