Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Red flowers, Red hearts, dress up and makeup all of it topped off with a bit or lot of chocolate.

This is the epitome of Valentine’s Day.  A day for love, lust and loneliness and on the flip side it is definitely a day for raging jealousies, break ups and gifts from unwanted suitors.

Who knew a little chubby boy in a diaper could wreak so much havoc.  Love is one of those misunderstood concepts and so is Valentine’s Day.

Like all holidays, Valentine’s Day was super imposed on an actual righteous day.

During the ancient times, February 13-15th was celebrated and venerated as the middle point of the winter solstice. It was during this time period where the day began to reign over the night and marked the approaching spring.  Women would purify themselves in preparation for fertility and conception.  It was a feast that was held every year and the event was really for the children to understand the significance of spring approaching and the cold waning.

This week on Foundational Friday H. Yuya Assaan-ANU broadcasts for us on blogtalkradio the origin and history of the concept of Valentine’s Day. To look at the historical context of the origins of Valentine’s Day as the Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU normally does, one will have to take a look at the Biblical lore of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

Nimrod, an Ogun archetype, was a hunter and an architect.

He was a creator of civilizations and in honor of humanity’s achievements decides to build the tower of Babel. Sometime after he died, his wife Semiramis supposedly immaculately conceived and gave birth to a son and named him Nimrod Tamus.

Nimrod Tamus was so desired by his mother that she later married him. He became known as an archetype of jealousy, fire and creation. Another version of Nimrod Tamus’s name is Cupid which means desire.

So when the Roman’s observed this Babylonian story, they co-opted it for their own uses.

But as history would have it a Pope with too much power decided to use the time for his purposes and declared the astrological celebration as evil and deemed that St. Valentine would be celebrated on February 14th.

On the date during the year 490 A.D and 270 A.D. Bishops by the name of Valentine were murdered.  Valentine comes from the word valor meaning great or mighty so that particular name was popular. These co-incidents give another meaning to the holiday of Valentine.

So while folk are scurrying and scrambling for the biggest bear and the sweetest card perhaps it would be better to observe the truth of this time period. One could create their own purification rite and celebrate the coming of the New Year and the making  of babies.

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