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On this week’s episode of ANU Asafo we bring to you an expert on plural family and marriage Hondo Solomon.  Brother Hondo Solomon is the author of The Polygamist Papers: An Introduction to Polygamous Culture and Its Principles, Pitfalls, and Ethics, and the host of The Polygamist Papers radio broadcast.  He is a thought leader and advocate of this kind of family structure.

Polygamy is about family first and foremost.  When the topic is brought up in Western culture is fraught with much debate. The propagandized notion of polygamy brings to mind repressed and insecure women who are stuck in a situation with equally oppressed children.

But in actuality it is a widely practiced form of family around the globe  and in different cultures and benefits women more so than monogamy in terms of health, stress levels and financial stability. 

In the United States it is against the law to marry more than one woman and it is against social norms to publicly have more than one woman.  But when it comes to a cultural lifestyle, one would have to ask what culture is defining their experience?  For Hondo Solomon his culture is Jewish or Hebrew and polygamy is encouraged in his culture.

The difference between a Hebrew and Jew is based on someone’s cultural context.  They are often interchangeable with one who is a follower or observer of the Torah.

But if you are a descendant of the 12 tribes of Judah then that is technically Jewish.  Hebrew is a culture and follows a nature based religion steeped in natural law.

One could debate the technicalities of the words Jewish or Hebrew but in its origin it is Afrikan and Afrikans are concerned with family.

When a woman decides to enter into polygamyous family, it is advisable for her to choose a man that is wise and who is a capable leader.  Without the social structure of elders choosing one's mate, the woman must understand what it takes to be in a polygamist household and what the quality of the man.

Women are very important in polygamy.  The role of the women is to increase the economy of the household.  Finances are built up by both the women and the men in a complimentary operation. The goal of the family is grow their family business and remain independent.

The traditional role of family is about sustaining and supporting one another and building community.

And according to Brother Hondo, you don’t have a community if the vast majority of your population isn't married. Community comes out of a stable family structure.

Hondo Solomon's next book will speak on Polygamy as economic warfare because one's power base comes from their family and not from a job working for someone else.

Remember the price of true freedom is responsibility and polygamy is a survival mechanism to build material wealth and create a stable economic structure.

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