Meditation Healing with Tamu and Drumming with Kojo Bey

meditation and drumming

Meditation with Tamu and Drumming with Kojo Bey

Meditation and Drumming

Meditation and energy healing is a key component of healing yourself.  There are different techniques that will help the individual to reach a level of stability.

Tamu Ngina walks us through a series of exercises on this week’s episode of ANU Asafo.  Grounding is the process of connecting yourself with the Earth.  It is important to your wellness and health.

The earth is flowing with negative ions that tend to correct the every oxidation that occurs from moving through life.

One of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to put your bare feet on the bare ground or even laying on the grass. If this is not possible in the Winter time another method of grounding is breath work and meditation.

One exercise that Tamu shared begins with you putting your hand on your belly below your navel. Observe the breath as if fills up your stomach, pause and try to inhale more to bring the air into your chest and then exhale out of your nose.  Do this about 3 times. And while you are breathing imagine energy flowing from your feet and into your heart region.

Tamu share other techniques with ANU Asafo that are excellent to lower your stress and connecting more with your body.

meditation and drumming

Kojo Bey the founder the Sounds of Afrika is a family organization that started within to heal his family and came together to share that healing with the greater family.   The spiritual significance of drumming and dance is constantly changing because as an ever evolving individual we are constantly changing.

So it is hard to pin down a definition for the way the spirit and the drums are connected.  Drumming is a powerful form of meditation.

When people are taken into a different dimension with drumming and dance, they often see things of out in otherworldly planes. Despite differences of meanings that stems from a particular culture one thing is for certain when it comes to the spirituality of drumming.  It will take you to heights unseen and get your body moving as if on its own accord.

Because of its power it often takes a special class of people who answer the call of the drum and wield it properly.

Because the djembe is made of wood and flesh the sounds that translate from it are heavenly.  You can almost feel its healing affects as you are listening to the drums.  Live music is especially excellent when it comes to form of healing arts.

Kojo Bey and his family dedicate their lives and their work to the use of drums like the djembe and others in bringing cultural awareness and the healing calculations of Afrika to the youth and the greater community at large.

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