Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon


The Lesser Keys of Solomon are typically known as a book of demonology. In this book the spirits are ranked from evil to good.  King Solomon of biblical lore was the only individual that could control all the spirits called the Goetia. He could invoke them or evoke them using the different symbols known as the Seals of Solomon.

It is said that the Goetia are demons but they are spirits of the mind and are customized depending on the mind that they exist in.  The Lesser Keys of Solomon is a major work of ceremonial magick.

Ceremonial magick has 6 components.  The first component is sight and that is the symbols, lamps, robes, and sigils that are drawn on the floor or imprinted in wax.  The second component is sound which is the chants and invocations that are used.  Invocations draw something in.

The third component is your sense of taste which corresponds to different herbs to drinks like a sweet, spicy or bitter taste based on the seal of the Goetia opens up.

The fourth component is the sense of smell, which is the incense or cologne that is sprinkled on the floor to take your mind to a place you need to go.

The fifth component is the sense of touch which corresponds to the texture of your wands or robes.

The sixth component is the mind and this is where the Keys of Solomon.  The Keys of Solomon affects different parts of mind and those parts are called spirits or the Goetia.  The spirits that reside in your brain are represented by the different seals and you can use the 5 senses to help invoke them.

Spirits are everywhere. You have a set of spirits that deal with the understanding the spirit world or 5th dimension.  Another set of spirits that deal with the logical details of your particular perception.  Another set of spirits rule over your particular genius.

Each spirit has a name and when you put the letters of the names together you get a formula.  The names were created to make a formula.  The Lesser Keys of Solomon names are Kabbalistic formulas.

There are promises that each seal makes that control factors that affect your mundane life.  One of the first promises of the Goetia is to bring up truths of your subconscious mind.

This is because the Goetia are the truth of your subconscious mind.  Most people are not able to control their thoughts so they are not able to fully handle the truths of the subconscious mind.

Solmon was able to control and subdue the Goetia with a ring of the star of David.  This symbol signifies “as of above so below” and tells you, you are what is beneath and above you, and how you control the Goetia.

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