The Mind and Metaphysics of Currency

mind and metaphysics of currency

The Mind and Metaphysics of Currency

Mind and Metaphysics of Currency

Never leave your throne.  When you remember that you are a part of a royal diadem, you maintain a position that allows you to see the bigger picture of things.  When someone is attacking your way of life or in the face of opposition, shine the light of your divinity on the situation.

Often times, the attacks are not personal.  Our ego can get attached to something and take the attack personal when the attacks are just a response to another person’s level of awareness.

Use your higher awareness to navigate the situation. When dealing with currency, recognize the economic situation of we who live in the land controlled by the corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not getting any better.  But there are resources everywhere including the unseen kind.

The Mind and Metaphysics of Currency

“The all is mine, the universe is mental” – The Kybalion


The 7 Hermetic Laws comes from the book Kybalion written by Hermes Trimeticus otherwise known as Thoth, Djehuti or Orunmilla.  The first principle of mentalism is a critical.  The law of attraction comes from this law. When you are dealing with mentalism you are conjuring things with your imagination.

The all and all is the supreme intelligence of the Source.  The universe is a mental place therefore the universe is a womb and creates your physical reality or it can be the gateway to your spiritual reality.

While we are here on the planet it is important to sharpen and open the mind.  When you open your mind you can become the gatekeeper of the universe.

 mind and metaphysics of currency


You close your mind with your ego and too much investment in what you can get, what you can take and how you will survive.  Then everything that you create in this mental space is a product of your fear of scarcity.  You will expend your currency based on where you focus your mind most of its time.  Sometimes how your mind is focused is a product of conditioning and there seems no way out.

But you become aware of your conditioning with the gateway of your mind.

Remember that the All in All is the spiritual, unseen sub-context that lies beneath all of reality and that in itself is mental.  Instead asking to get a mate, ask for the understanding of attraction and how to draw to you what compliments you best.

When dealing with money ask yourself what is your concept of money?  Is it immediately attached to material possession?  This materialism comes from the energy of Set or Satan which is an aspect of your human mind.

Your human mind will always seek to block the flow of spiritual energy.  The more you allow spiritual flow into your life the less you need the mind.  The more you will move into instinct and intuition and the less of a hold your ego will have.  Your ego is also energy and seeks to be fed .

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