Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions

Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions

Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions

The title alone is enough to send some people into a frenzy.  Foaming at the mouth the only thing they can say is "NO!" it doesn't exist and even speaking about you become an agent of propaganda.

Last week on ANU Asafo H. Yuya Assaan-ANU took a brave and progressive step by opening up a platform in which differences could be discussed. Usually, on either side, there is a hyperbolic reaction to the difference of opinion.  If you disagree with homosexuality then the person who practices the sex style feels attacked and maligned.

On the other hand for some, if you agree with the sex style you are attacking family and adding another debilitating block in the success of black families.  On the show there was nothing but respect displayed for the differences presented.

Granted, you could sense the uncomfortableness that the topic brings up in people but no one was ridiculed, put down or aggressively challenged. I would say it is the first show of its kind and perhaps more conversations of this nature would alleviate any awkwardness felt.

Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions does exist here in the Diaspora. When did Africans began to see the phenomenon?  Was it with the introduction of  colonialism or with one's ori in heaven? . In the land currently controlled by the corporation the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, homosexuality is being pushed and pulled in a seeming war to have it proliferated.  Is this a form of ingenious birth control? Or is it that more people are finding the courage to be truthful about their sex style?

homosexuality in african traditional religion

One of the guests on the show mentioned that many young adults who practice the sex style experienced some kind of trauma in the developmental years.  The extreme sexcapades that is stereotypically attributed to this group of people is said to be a response to the trauma experience at home and then the social trauma that many face.

Others never experienced any such trauma and as long as they can remember considered themselves different from most. Everyone has their individual experiences.

But one thing is for certain is that the individual and their sex style are not the same. The essence of who you are is not wrapped up in how you choose to express yourself sexually. As we come back to realizing our truest self, we find that  because of our difference we are all complex and interesting individuals.

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  1. This was a very powerful topic and I want to add another perspective. To me homosexuality bisexuality has been present in any species since the evolution of cells. We have bisexuality,homosexuality,asexuality, etc in our experience. It was clear to me that while Yuya was personally against homosexuality(I object to the word lifestyle because there is a huge diversity of living patterns within the minority sexual communities.) he did not believe it was offensive to the traditional religions because he has students that are of that inclination and he has not shun them or rejected him from his spiritual house. I don’t believe there are any ebos, spells, etc that can permanently change the natural inclination of a person. Instead a person should be aligned in all senses of the word to their nature. If I spoke against heterosexuality it would seem a little ridiculous. To the point of chemicals possibly changing many to a different sexual inclination. To that I say it does not matter to the individual who is gay. To the person it was not a choice to be sexual attracted to anyone. Thus for me that does not matter or factor in. I would also argue that America more the product of the puritan culture than greek culture. What is family is again a very personal thing. To me family is not just a mother and father with children. It is friends, aunts, community, etc. At the end of the day one can never truly understand what a person goes through unless they are that person. I can never fully appreciate the experience of a woman since I am not a woman myself. Therefore instead of speaking out against things I am always looking for things we can be for as a human family.

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