Question and Answer- Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Question and Answer- Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

What is the difference between AsarAset and Ifa? – AsarAset is a spiritual system that was designed about 30 years ago.  They have their own form of divination cards and deals primarily with the Kemetic tradition.  It is important to note that IFA is not a deity or religion it is a set or corpus of information that is brought to the world by an energy known as Orunmilla.

Whatever system you are dealing with is present to aide you in decoding your life events.  AsarAset is an interpretation of how to deal with your life.

The spiritual system that you need to know through and through is the system of your purpose.  When delving into it, you may find that your purpose will take you a totally different path.

We are the interpretation of the universe and the different systems explain the movement of nature and cosmic events.

How do I get back to my  roots?

When you have this question you want to first determine what and where your roots are?  One of the best things you can do to start to understand your soul roots, read different ancient stories such as the Torah, the Baghdad Vita, the Bible.  These different books are really about the soul’s journey.  Starting from a place where you are pure of heart then the mysteries will be revealed to you.

The mysteries are opened to you when you have an understanding of the unconditional connectedness, when have understanding of purity of heart, and when you understand an open spirit then everything in the spirit world is open to you.

You need to have an unconditional love affair with getting back to your roots, so that when you encounter anything good or bad it does not slow down your journey.

What steps do I need to take in order to learn what I am supposed to?

The steps come through personal interactions with an instructor.  If the teacher gives you a generic template then it is worthless.  You are supposed to become your teacher.  You have to put yourself at your learning and teaching experience, as separate from your educational experience.

Any system of learning that you have to first initiate in order to experience the teaching is worthless.   The historical systems that has power today did not have initiations.

Based on the disposition of your spirit, look at the things that you do unconditionally.  The first thing you have to develop is to understand your soul and your soul’s music.  When you allow yourself to sit still and listen to your soul talk without moving your mouth, without thinking and listen to your rhythm this will bring your spirit closer to your soul.  The hard part is getting over the sicknesses that are brought to you by your ego.  Getting over yourself is the hardest part in becoming a better person.

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