The Metaphysics of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged

The Metaphysics of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

atlas shrugged

Atlas Shrugged is set in a Dystopian state, which there is a complete decline or collapse of governmental and economic structure.  The Dystopian society is usually a result of science meddling too far in nature, or the result of a totalitarian government.  In Atlas Shrugged the economic structure has collapsed because the government has meddled in to business structure.

The pure passionate pursuits of the rich and successful, the aggressive onslaught of very rich must be tempered. They have so much money, passion and ambition that they crush of all who are in their path. And thus the less fortunate must be protected.  This is what the government would have you believe.

The idea and story of atlas, where we get the term Atlantis, comes from the Greek mythology of Atlas and the Titans. Atlas was the head of the titans and the titans tried to over throw the Olympians.

The plan failed and the other titans were confined to Tarturus.   Atlas was a child of Aether and Gaea and he decided to hold up the heavens to separate from the Earth as his punishment.  Aether is considered to be a form of divine breath, a different type of air that only the gods could breathe.  Atlas kept that realm, the light realm, separated from the earth.  This is related to the Kemetic diety Shu- wind, air, breath, which governs the rays of sunlight and moonlight.  Shu’s job like that of Atlas is to keep Nut separated from Geb. Shu name also means he who holds up the sky.

Atlas holds up the heavens which is considered home—the Egyptians were saying that our home is in the Aether and the Greeks are saying their home is on the Earth.  Because Atlas is always depicted as holding up the world.

Shu is also known to have the Maat feather on his crown.  When dealing with Maat the principles of truth balance order even handedness, reciprocity are to be recognized.  She’s the cornerstone of the Kemetic society she is that which is holding up the moral construct of society

Imagine that which was holding up the moral construct and the pursuit of the a Utopian society decided to shrug and walk away- this is the back ground of Atlas Shrugged.

The talented tenth or the most powerful 5 percent- they serve as the ones who rise up out of society and say I am going to make this happen.  It takes the Atlas individual who says it my right to make my mark on the world based on the pure beauty of my passion.

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