Astrology, Noble Anpu and Coach Khayr Love

Astrology, Noble Anpu and Coach Khayr

Astrology, Noble Anpu and Coach Khayr Love

Astrology, Noble Anpu and Coach Khayr

Anpu Gallieo is an astronomer began studying the craft since 2006. He has various sites and business since relinquishing his shackles from main stream society.  He is an Aquarius and the Aquarian is the energy that thinks outside of the box.  He is very interested in the way that our current society uses astrology to create warfare- the cosmic "art of war” and urges people to become educated about this topic.

Anpu Gallieo feels that astrology is the observation of planetary motion and how it associates with human behavior.  The way he sees it, he shows people how to activate their birth charts.  An astrologer can tell you that everything you can think of will be define in this reality.  The different astrological houses govern different aspects of your life.

Understanding the way in which the society moves and utilizes astrological information will help one prepare them selves for what it takes to be free.

 Astrology, Noble Anpu and Coach Khayr

Coach Khayr is an astrology and financial wizard.  He is also a spiritual adviser, a grassroots spiritual net worker and a relationship consultant.  However, at his core, he is a healer. Despite all the accolades, Khayr still remains humble and has the will and desire to help others. Khayr provides all of his clients with customized plans for healing based on their unique needs.

He knows the formula to help you relax and manifest success throughout your life and is ready to get started as soon as you are. Remember, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives with the lesson.

He is very big on strategy and teaches how to strategically pick a mate, strategically make money and how to break down the legacies that have been left behind.  Poverty is the only enemy to the African mind.  The answer is to understand how money operates and what it is.  We as African people need to learn how to value ourselves more.

His goal is to run with legends and to take on the character of legendary leaders and innovators.  When you are in the wrong occupation you are in a prison and that can distract you from living out your soul's purpose.

The science of astrology is the tool to create a new world over for yourself.  When you study astrology you can calculate accurately how to acquire money and even enlightenment.

His specialty is to help people bring their skill set to the fore front. And when someone is able to actualize that aspect of their selves you can be able to prepare yourself for wealth.  If you are not free and you do not know who you are then you are not able to manifest the things that you want.

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