H. Yuya Assaan-ANU appears on Occult Science Radio Discussing “Gods & Rituals Wanted-Dead or Alive”




In this powerful Blogtalk Radio interview on Occult Science Radio, Curtis the Illuminated One Davis allows Chief Yuya to take center stage to expound on the topic of “Gods & Rituals-Wanted Dead or Alive.”

What are we afraid of?

The fear that we speak of is the fear of acknowledging the God and/or Gods that reside within us because of our acceptance of socially constructed meanings or concepts for what we understand to be "God".  If  we acknowledge our innate power or that we are essentially Gods, and Gods much older than the ones that we choose to work with, this would force us to remove the proverbial crutch that so many of us use in our spiritual walk. As we desire to manifest a particular reality in our lives, some of us use gods and rituals as crutches  because we approach them from a state of helplessness as opposed to a position of power. While there are many who have obtained higher consciousness and are able to acknowledge and engage their  God spark that resides within, there are countless others that struggle to see themselves in this light and would even consider it to be blasphemy.

Chief Yuya teaches us that walking in this state of fear diminishes our capacity to evolve into the spiritual deities that we innately are because we are reaching back to entities or rituals for help that are essentially dead.  This is because these entities have evolved into new energies that serve a more relevant need and purpose than what was originally intended.

In this interview we can learn from Chief Yuya that the goal should be to propel our evolution further and not get crystallized into a time warp that no longer serves us or the cosmic forces that we desire to work with. Our ancestors have done the heavy lifting and provided us with the ase and tools that we need to get back home and ascend. Now, the rest is up to  us!

To learn more about "Gods & Rituals Wanted Dead or Alive", please check out a sample of H. Yuya Assaan-ANU's interview on Occult Science Radio hosted by Curtis the Illuminated One Davis:

Occult Science Radio

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To listen to the full broadcast of H. Yuya Assaan-ANU's interview on Occult Science Radio hosted by Curtis the Illuminated One Davis please visit us here:

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