Initiation and the Sacred Odu of Ogbe Owonrin

Initiation and the Sacred Odu of Ogbe Owonrin


Initiation means that one is starting a journey.  One odu that speaks to this, states that once one is initiated then they can then initiate, which means that once they have removed the crud and dogma, and is clean, one has a clean slate and be taught.  Until this point one has not been taught anything they have just been stripped - once they are stripped they can be turned into a scholar - initiated into a clearer focus and level of scholarship.  Spiritual education deals with one as an individual and understanding that one is a unique expression of Oludumare, one is unique due to the power of the ori, and one should rejoice in gaining the opportunity to draw out the core of an individual’s expression because we are individual expressions of Oludumare.  Therefore the Sadulu House Spiritual institute speaks about spiritual education because education comes from the Greek word "educar" which means to “bring forth” or to “draw out”, so the spiritual education draws out the spiritual inventiveness that each person possesses.   Bringing forth what each person possesses prevents individuals from becoming religious automatons and entering into training which would make them such. It is imperative that people learn the enormity, immensity, and the span that Oludumare transverses.   The Sadulu House spiritual center also highlights other people’s bodies of information, who are sharing their information from a sincere place to build a community of knowledgeable and well-rounded scholars.

The sacred odu of ogbe owonrin, means this is the time of internal introspection and is not a time for a lot of action.  It is a time to rely on personal wisdom and personal values and not a time for new information.  Ogbe owonrin also deals with yang and going forward with strength and light as well as the astrological sign of Aquarius.  Ogbe is the energy of alaafia, well being and health.  It also speaks to things that one may not be considering. Leo is stating that it’s time for us to go into our internal life as it applies to one’s current situation especially as it applies to ending relationships. Ogbe owonrin is also a cerebral odu, therefore it is imperative for one to go back on their patterned history.  This odu also deals with the joining of fire and air.  It is extremely important that one be careful because air can blow fire out of proportion.  This is akin to stories of Oya and Shango, where Shango took the advice of Oya until he burned his entire kingdom down.  The air represents the messages we receive from the Egun or the whispers in the wind. The emi, which is the “I” and also means divine breath and spirit - deals with tapping into the spiritual ego, or the I, and determining if the wisdom the I has collected unto this point is sufficient. With the odu of ogbe owonrin, it is imperative that one move with calculated action.

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