The Power of the Egun



The power of Egun - What has become natural is abnormal, what is unnatural and dysfunctional has become natural to people.  Therefore, it’s imperative to acknowledge that we can’t speak about the ase, the collective power, the collective pool of energy and life force of our Egun and ancestors and not presuppose that what we determine to be the trauma in the world our Egun are not in control. One should not think that any entity on the planet that is moving against the natural or divine order can ever supersede or circumvent the power of the Egun.  The first reaction to brutality in the world should be what does this mean spiritually?  The ancestors are usually stirring a pot and a formula, and the formula often manifests in different ways which may look horrible. The human nature may have a subjective reaction to brutality that may be happening in the world.  However the ori will question, why is this happening spiritually? Especially, if one knows there are institutions that function from the occult, hidden and symbolic feminine aspect then the questions must be posed are they possibly trying to send a message to the subconscious or are they trying to make sure they are always in one’s mind.   For example, when people begin awakening and learning new information, they then kill one of our sons or daughters and our attention is shifted, as opposed to staying focused on our agenda.  It is imperative to remember that the ancestors are still in control and to look at the spiritual meaning behind the happenings in the world.  As far as what needs to happen, for those in the spiritual community it is time to direct our ebos and spells to the source of our anger and issues and not at each other.  It is time to go after individuals that are brutalizing our community, and affect some change to stopping these brutal world events.

Ifa is a system that is based on powered, interdependent and family relationships.  There are many aspects of Ifa, which work hand in hand and it’s about spiritual cooperation.  Ifa is about Iwa Rere, also known as good or gentle character.  Iwa Pele, which means “I give reverence to the earth”. The constant reference back to the reverence one is to have for our source of life and sustenance.  One can work with orisha and still have a strong measure of imbalance because one came in to the world with specific energies, but Ifa is a transcendental state.

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