Abundance- Rituals for Wealth

Abundance - Rituals for Wealth

Abundance- Rituals for Wealth

 Abundance - Rituals for Wealth

This week on Foundational Friday, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU will bless the airways with effective and powerful rituals for abundance.

This is time to take ownership and accountability for our journey and it is time to take ownership on how we choose to live. It is advisable to ensure that we establish financial strong hold in our communities and our homes.

 In this day and time we must have a holistic approach to our life: the career, resource, archival, financial, mental and relational aspects are all to be considered.

These rituals are to attract wealth and retain the wealth that you gain.  It is important to manage the resources that you are blessed with responsibly. Otherwise asking and demanding for more than you can handle is a form of gluttony and very negligent.

When dealing with the energy of abundance you are utilizing the archetype of Oshun.  Aje which means wealth is another energy you can work with and it the name of the witches or the Iyami which means "my mother".  Aje is the day for wealth, and is the name for Monday in Yorubaland. The first ritual to be considered is that thoughts become things.  Oshun is the law of attraction- she is attracting to you the things that you think about most of the time. Your thoughts create forces.  If your thoughts center around abundance and stability it becomes a moving and active kinetic force.

Just like the on the Opon- the casting surface- things move from ori to ese, from heaven to earth.  This is important because during rituals whatever your are thinking becomes the ritual that you are performing regardless of good intentions.  As the Chief makes clear is that rituals always fall to the least common denominator. So it is important to control your thoughts.

The next ritual is an incense for the spirit of Osun.

The ingredients include, 2 orange peel pieces, 2 lemon peels,  cinnamon sticks, brown sugar or turbinado sugar and an iron pot.  If you do not have an iron pot you can use a brass or sliver pot.  Also if you are able get the leaves of lemon tree and orange tree and make sure they are dried.   Fill the pot with half a cup of sugar, a couple peels of each fruit, the cinnamon and burn it as incense and cover it.  As it starts to smoke you say: "osun oso osun oso osun oso osun onile owo ola" and then let her know that you are burning the incense for her and tell her the reason you are burning this is for  what will come to my life.  Do not ask and not beg for what you need. Be very sensitive to how that wealth will manifest for you.  It will not always be something that will fall in your lap.

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