7 Spiritual Rules for 2014 Financial Year

Spiritual Financial Rules

7 Spiritual Rules for 2014 Financial Year

Spiritual Financial Rules

Its no longer enough to be one dimensional with our spiritual work.  It is advisable to take a holistic approach to our lives.  The financial, spiritual, mental, physical and relational part of our lives should undergo a revision in order to realize the fullest potential of our own personal new world order.  The 7 Spiritual Rules as presented by Chief Jegna Yuya Assaan-ANU:

1. Do you own work:

It's not enough to just spout rhetoric or memorized speeches from those who've actually applied what they teach. This is your time to put these lessons to work and see how they move through your life. If not, what separate you from a religious fanatic who spouts volumes of information without understanding or true soul connection to what is being said?


2. Be Accountable-

This is your journey and you are creating the scenes and experiences as you go. It is your conscious choices that have designed your current life situation. The Master/Slave relationship, at this point, is voluntary. In Orisha tradition we have a force known as ESU. ESU holds us accountable for our choices and makes sure we "launch" from our comfort zones. By moniker Esu's name means to "initiate". It's time to initiate your journey and own it. Your decisions are directly tied to your life products. If you can claim and own your genius, why not own your poor decisions? We all make them from time to time, and the blessing only comes from our life lessons when we own the seed of decisions from whence they originate.


3. Living Flow

January 1, 2014 marks the beginning of the first quarter in a new financial year. While many are making workout and social resolutions others are determining how to manipulate the flow of currency for the next 12 months. Currency is spirit; as is electric, water, and wind current. Are you in the flow of spirit or has the hyper-stimulation of useless information age had you running in circles trying to figure out where to begin. When unsure of what part to entire the river, it is usually best to begin where the water is shallow and most tame. Start small, taking very small steps into the waters of your deep subconscious. Dance, play an instrument, walk in nature, eat live foods more, listen to live music, watch a live performance, LIVE.

4. Listen

With the advent of digital social platforms, on-line DIY video sites, easy to access on-line radio broadcast opportunities; everyone now has an international voice. This has leveled the playing field once dominated by large media outlets who forced the populace into listening submission.

Now so many feel they must say what is swirling around in their heads, in real time. Before a thought can even fully root and cultivate itself amongst the reasoning of sub conscious recorded experiences or be bounced off the ears of more seasoned minds, it's launched for the world to digest as fact. As I said in "Grasping the Root of Divine Power", the divine is always communicating with us. Your human thought is a product of your spiritual response to your condition whereas your soul is a proactive conductor and orchestrator of your divine experiences and spiritual psychology.

Spouting a myriad of human intelligence gives nothing divine but, redistributes ideas of materialism and earthly attachment. In the next 12 months speak/post/text less and listen much much more. Tune into the frequencies beyond the 5 senses and the understanding of earth gods (2 hands, 2legs, and one head). Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head has already spoken enough. Now make room for the soul to express as it chooses to. Listen to the quiet request and pleas in the people you communicate with. Both their drama and victory are expressions of their soul. The soul often sends smoke signals in the form of exposed personal drama or public displays of personal fortune. Either way, it's always the underlying and overhead transmission.


5. Live the High-Life

Some of us are far too obsessed with the redemption and reclamation of lower vibration individuals.

If we can comprehend the notion that everything in the known universe is an arrangement of atoms vibrating at various rates in order to condense into various forms of matter, we'll better understand what our role should be in our progression toward the "High Life". The more a force allows its atomic structure to cool or slow down the denser it becomes, meaning the more it materializes into this vibrant world of ours. The faster its atomic structure speeds up or heats up the more it leaves this worldly reality of ours.


So, with that visualization in place we can image that individuals whose atoms vibrate at a higher or faster rate would be less inclined to affinitize with notions and desires of the more slowly vibrating forces or things...or individuals.


Often time, people will keep a personal circle of low vibration individuals in order to appease their own egoic mission to "save" them. In truth those low vibrating or slow vibrating individuals are nothing but, their addiction to lower order reality. Just as spirit always wants to touch flesh and flesh always wants to touch spirit because they are two forces that are still yearning for the reality of the former states of matter (past life); higher order often has much trouble pulling away from lower order. Lower order always clings to higher order because they can "hitch" a ride to ascension...so they think. The challenge is your chariot of consciousness carries one passenger only. You must ascend to the high life using the spiritual allies that you've been endowed with. Low vibration energies rub off, just as "loser" energy does. Have you noticed that the slow vibration people in your circle are not suffering with life reality as you do? They almost even seem to be happier than you. Guess what....they are receiving your spiritual blessing of ascension. It's like delivery companies whose workers divvy up peoples packages and take what they want for themselves and then deliver the scraps to the actual intended recipient. The High Life awaits for you to go through the door yourself after shaking off the dying energies around you.


6. Learn something about finances.

This is a new financial year within a system often postures itself in diametrical opposition to the natural ascension of planetary, and extra-planetary, forces. Would it seem sensible for a high vibrational, consciously aware individual to allow that same system to define when their year ends or begins?

In the same instance this is the year for YOU to take control of your financial life. This doesn't happen with the redundancy of wealth prayers and rituals but, with a proficient comprehension of financial jargon and the movements of wealth in and out of your life. Money, itself, is not evil. In face in Orisha/Ifa culture money, known as "Owo", is a feminine deity that is to be honored and venerated. It was always understood that money changes hands.

The season of ritualistic work allowing us to live from check to check or ritual to ritual has come to a close and there are those who've recognized it and many who've not.  It is now time to build wealth and, even, empirical, structures that will support and, when needed, finance our spiritual work. The total abstraction of your mental awareness from wealth consciousness is not the achievement of material detachment that you may think it to be.


Sure, you can tell someone how many laps one would have to take in order to burn 100 calories running around the rings of Saturn, but can you build a financial shelter that will allow you to interact with your spiritual matters on issues of higher (spiritual) vibration or are you stuck prayer for lower (material) blessings?


7. The year of God

2014 = 2+0+1+4= 7.

In our basic numerological systems 7 is the number for God. Some time ago I did a radio segment on Foundational Friday entitled "The Seven Seals".


Click here to listen to the Radio Broadcast "The Seven Seals"




This is your year for self actualization. What are your financial aspirations? Are they achievable with your current lifestyle?

Let's remove ourselves from the job or entrepreneurial model for a moment. Let's go back to our infantile beginnings. When you stepped into this world as a fully formed, materially condensed, force you stepped onto the playing field of human life. Fortunately, you just came from a place of unlimited abundant resources. So, of course, you had no idea of what a deficit model even looked like or notions of lack; this came later. You formed into what you desired to form into as that desire was strong enough to move from microscopic to macroscopic. From one cell comes a great force in the form of a human being. Who would have known? You knew. You always knew.

So, what is it that you know of yourself in this moment? That knowing is directly linked to your understanding of the spiritual flow and the six other lessons in this article aside from this one.

In my work, I've met many powerful people and, of course, rich people. I have to say I've not met one who has an intelligence that I would consider beyond any of my other clients or students. What is it that facilitated their amassing of their body of wealth?

They always knew they would be wealthy. There was little room for doubt or spiritual hags to create a wedge and chasm between who they knew they were and who they were to be.

When we look at bible-lore, we see that the apostle Peter was once called Simon. It was God who named and referred to Simon as Peter. The name Simon means "shaky' or insecure". Peter, coming from Petra, and of course from "Ptah" means stone or builder. So, the God of the bible had the ability to see where Simon was going and not where he was and he spoke to that truth. Even the Christ said upon this rock (Peter) I will build my church.. Let’s look at Peter's mis-steps-

1. When the romans came to arrest the Christ, in the story, it was Peter who cut a guards ear off. He was somewhat of a maniac.

2. Once the Christ, Yashewah, was taken away it was Peter, when accused of associating with him, who claimed that he didn't know him. He denied him three times.


Does this seem like the behavior of a rock?


Going from Simon to Peter if the fall from human instability to human groundedness - is a process. You will have missteps and at times you may even deny your call but, the law of motion says that you will continue on your path of groundedness until you encounter an object of greater mass than your own. The Ptah in you is calling you to ground and build in financial and wealth self-actualization. There is nothing cute about poverty. With the understanding of the God reality, you will see yourself and understand yourself at your destination and get into the energetic model that will bring that end. This puts you back into the realm of infinite abundance....your starting point.

As we move forward in the Financial New Year let us take the Chief's advice to heart. Create a new beginning for yourself and create a new you.

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