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spiritual gifts

Spiritual Gifts

spiritual gifts

HRU Yuya Assaan ANU is honored to hold the position and role he does on the planet and humbled by his spiritual gifts.  As noted by the Chief Jegna, appreciation is always wonderful as it gives his work, creating spiritual systems, an extra charge because it is an honor to be picked to do the ancient work of healing.  Dedicating his life to serving and assisting people on their life journey was innate within HRU Yuya Assaan ANU.  According to our Chief Jegna, he went through various spiritual systems and religions to determine how to best serve people going through their journey unconditionally.  It was decided the best way to serve would be to design his own template for spiritual systems that included all of his experiences and background, which expressed itself through various mediums.  These mediums included spiritual work, music, martial sciences, authoring, radio shows, and rites of passages.

The core of what he has done has centered on a rites of passage theme in which one’s progress is communally acknowledged and benchmarked within the spiritual community.  There are numerous facets that go into healing and organizing a community therefore, HRU Yuya Assaan ANU has made himself familiar with all the facets that go into that work.   Early on the following people influenced HRU Yuya Assaan ANU, such as Stevie Wonder, the Isley Brothers, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Robeson, and all people who were living their lives courageously.   The first seeds of a brave and fearless life came from the artistic arena - seeing people who were out of the paradigm of what society was doing but at the same time carving themselves out as deities through the art form they were expressing themselves through – and created an awesome influence.  Therefore, HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU carried this same sentiment into his spirituality and the creation of spiritual systems, and never felt that his different calculations and philosophies would automatically vilify him as the above mentioned influences gave the courage to chart new paths to find more profound answers.

When speaking about religious paradigms, one is usually speaking to what may have the person in bondage.  Due to the fact that HRU Yuya Assaan ANU has studied the Bible, Koran, and Torah he is able to speak about the messianic concept and relate that to his teachings.   When people begin to study indigenous or occult teaching often times they are looking for a messiah, even if it’s a spirit.  One begins to complete work with one particular spirit to save them from a particular situation.  Thinking that one can be saved by a spirit originates from religious indoctrination. Therefore, HRU Yuya Assaan ANU extracts elements that originate from religious indoctrination and explains their origin as well as how to defeat that dogmatic thought process.

There are certain systems that HRU Yuya Assaan ANU enjoys such as the sangoma system, the fire baptized movements in the south, and various others.  Therefore he has amalgamated the various systems that work and created his own system, which is the ANU system.  The ANU system is always evolving because it is a living and breathing system and is not stagnated.  Stagnation is often the problem with joining indigenous systems, as people are often looking for the ancient signs, symbols, and faces, without understanding if those ancient signs and symbols were to incarnate today they would look different as this is a different time.  Therefore, the ANU spiritual system evolves with the evolution and revolution of the cosmos.  The ANU spiritual system is a culture unto itself, and culture is living, breathing, and constantly fighting for survival.  Therefore, HRU YUya Assaan ANU pushes for spiritual education versus spiritual training.

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