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Can melanated children learn consciousness through westernized education?

Education by the domineering society is really just a belief and recall dynamic. Melanated children are taught to believe as opposed to know. They're taught to recall as opposed to explore. It becomes a critical thing when those things are snatched from under us. When I say those things, I'm speaking to those learning institutions that actually educate. Educate means to bring forth, to bring out. Unfortunately those learning institutions become more specialized. For us melanated individuals we call them African centered institutions. In truth, their just straight education. If you're not including cultural dynamics and cultural responsibility and relevant power dynamics into your education then you're really just training.

Animals get trained. Enslaved individuals get trained. So a lot of these African centered institutions closing is a horrible thing, but fortunately there is a saying that says, from the moment you have a child you become an educator. Education is a full time thing for those of us who have children and understand that the first place where that must occur is inside of the home. One of the great things is that is causes some to step up and take the helm again of educating their own and removing the stamp of training.

Our children are not seeing themselves in the school. When we look at the word “the” which is the definitive article that implies a divine presence since it's theology or theologian. So, when we have the word “the” in front of something we actually deify it. When we say the school, it deifies the school. It makes those buildings and institutions seem like they're the only place that education can happen.

We also have to pay attention to the fact that in many instances children do see themselves or what they believe to be themselves reflected in other places, and most importantly that's media. So what school becomes now for a lot of children is just a hold over time in space until they can hurry up and get back to the media to see themselves reflected in unfortunately some of the most buffoonish and caricature presentations of themselves through song, and through videos, and through TV shows, and through movies and so forth.

It is detrimental that, not just that they don't see themselves at the center of their educational process, but  it's more detrimental that there is a place that is telling them that this is you. This is your behavior, this is what you look like, this is what you dance like, and there is really no other counterpart that is stronger than that voice.

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