Ifa and The Real Orisha


The Real Orisha


H. Yuya Assaan-ANU joins Alim Bey on his radio show to discuss African indigenous sciences and how it applies to various systems.

The word Ifa means to scratch, engrave or impress upon. That means that Ifa means to go beneath the surface. Find out the spiritual sub-contexts to a physical manifestation. Ifa deals with understanding the soulful or divine sub-context context that we experience in the mundane physical manifestation.

It is important to understand that the tradition has been invaded and polluted.  But there is nothing spooky about it because Ifa deals with the mathematics of the cosmos.  That mathematics is expressed through Odus.

The word odu means womb.  The Odu are primal energies, there are 256 odu come from the primary 16 Odu Ifa.  These are the first womb points of the universe. These are entry pointes in which you can walk through and create any fathomable reality.  They are rituals, songs and other things that are associated with each odu.

Based on those odu, they speak on the knowledge, calculations and science of Ifa.   It looks like binary writing because it uses the combinations of light and dark to symbolize it.  For example, the Odu Ogbe, the first odu, is written with 4 single vertical lines. One line represents light, two vertical lines represents dark, the combination of light and dark give rise to a reality.

When dealing with the IChing- is the child of the Odu Ifa which Brother Chandler. There are primary 8 hexagrams in the IChing.  Ogbe associates itself with the hexagram Chi en- heaven where everything begins.  Heaven or the 5th dimension is the subcontext of everything on earth.  The odu Irosun associates self with the hexagram Soon which is wind.  The odu Ofun associates self with the hexagram Khan which is water.  Oyeku associates self with the hexagram Kon-the earth,  Orowin, is Chin which is thunder, Ose associate with Li which is fire and Irowi associates self with Twi the valley.

Also when dealing with Ifa you are dealing with Orunmila-which represents the words of heaven. And when dealing with Olodumare is the next step of evolution.  Olodumare means the owner of the black serpent’s womb.

To learn more about the Real Orisha please check out H.Yuya Assaan-ANU’s spotlight on the Alim bey show here:


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