Questions for Life Lessons

Questions for life lessons

Questions for Life Lessons

Questions for life lessons

This week on Enlightenment and Transformation, the Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center answers different questions for life lessons live on the show.

As spiritual workers it is important to take into account the world around you on a human level and on a spiritual level. Another person's question can really help us understand how to navigate our own individual lives.

One caller asked the question about powerful energies on the planet but in truth the energy is just a hologram.  The Jegna expounds on the concept with the quote from Aleister Crowley famed work "The Book of the Law" where he transcribed "We are all star stuff".  It is important to under that that the concept of a star is just a reflection from another source. Just as the stars are a celestial reflection,  you, the individual, are the reflection of your "ori iponri" , your true spirit body that resides in Orun.

The analysis of the question gets into more deeper aspects of electromagnetic energy and the truth behind light transmission.  As self actualizing individuals we are on the path to realizing and applying the gifts that our ori inponri has waiting to give us.

Another caller's questions was about Ganesha, Baron Samedi, Legba and if they are the manifestation of one diety.  The short answer to the question is that these avatars are a manifestation of you and different aspects of you.

Depending on the one’s perceptual reality these figures can either just be mythological creatures or they can be representations of cosmic energy or they are religious figures to be worshiped.  Whatever the person’s frame work, every time you say their name you are giving a verbal libation to them.

These entities are just holographic projections of another source concept, when you are speaking of Ganesha, Baron, Samedi, the Christ, Esu, Pan, Pineal, Set, Satan, Legba, Elegbara they all represent the "onibode- the Gatekeepe"r that keeps the inside and the outside.  They represent the gate keeper but they are not the gatekeeper.  Just as you can only represent your higher self but you cannot be your higher self on the planet.

Depending on who the energy represent itself  to, It will change how it is perceived.  When you are working with these energies or aspect of Esu, it means that Esu is working with himself.  We are  the source that comes back to itself.  We are projecting our self in various avatars depending on the level of understanding that we have at the time.

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