What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

Masculine and Feminine Energy

What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

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On a spiritual and vibrational level when dealing with masculine and feminine energy, one is dealing with polarities.  Therefore, one should approach masculine and feminine energy with the same perception as when looking at the physical body, because it often reflects what the spirit is expressing.   When dealing with masculine energy in the spirit realm, one is dealing with energy that expands outward.  Things that are electric, positive, seek to define, seek to be seen, or seek to show something are often expressing masculine energy.  For example light is a form of masculine energy in the spirit world, because light can been seen and also assists with shaping things.   Now, feminine energy is masculine energies polar complement.   Feminine energy is receptive and is the contractive and the watery energy or the dark energy when we are expressing our ability spiritually or otherwise to receive.  The female womb seeks to transform objects through its ability to mold and create in it’s own enclosed environment, and then expresses its self spiritually socially atomically.

Due to the extreme oppressive nature of patriarchy and matriarchy in the west, it is necessary to create and define a new world order if one is to restore balance. It is also necessary for one to reclaim their symbols, reclaim their systems, and to reclaim their methods if the goal is to restore balance.  Therefore, one can use both feminine and masculine energies and methods to restore balance and to define and create a new world order.  The reality is using both masculine and feminine energy is the only way that one can create, because as long as one is within this earth reality one has to apply both light and dark, and negative and positive energies.  One needs to opt out of a society that does promote or support their healing and then establish a balance in the community of self, and then immediately move to establish healthy family models.  The family model will then begin to reflect the positions of masculine and feminine inside of one, which will then in turn assist with learning about the balance of masculine and feminine energies.   After one learns about the balance of masculine and feminine the creation of the clan and then the nation will soon follow.  However, healing and balance all begins with opting out.

To begin to create a healing and supportive balance it is imperative that one understand left and right brain thinking.  To do this, one can begin doing exercises that employ the left and right brain.  One simple exercise is to begin doing concentric circles with your hands.  Place your fingertips in front of you so they are facing one another and start to make a circle with your left hand moving away from your body and with your right hand start making a circle at the same time that’s moving towards your body.  This exercise starts to fire off synapses in your brain that helps one to begin thinking in a more balanced matter.  For children have them write with both their left and right hands as well as write from left to right and right to left.  These exercises will assist you in seeing the world from a more balanced perspective.

To learn more about masculine and feminine energies, polarities, and how to maximize their usage check out H. Yuya Assaan ANU on Immortals Beyond Illusions blogtalk radio channel at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theblueclique/2013/09/07/yin-yang-twins--with-hru-yuya-assaan-anu

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