Decoding the Movie Thor

Decoding movie Thor

Decoding the Movie God of Thunder Thor

Decoding movie ThorWhat does Odin and Thor represent? Decoding the movie Thor will give you a deeper understanding


When dealing with the science of decoding movies, it can be pretty deep or you can keep it light.  The movies that come out of Holly weird often have messages for the viewers.  Usually the fight scenes or the sexual scenes are often distractions from the underlying messages.

In this week’s broadcast H. Yuya Assaan-ANU decodes the movie Thor. The movie begins with Nordic myth of  the Frost Giants attempting to invade Asgard.

Within the understanding of Nordic mythology there are 9 realms. One of the realms Midgard is the earthly realm and Asgard is the heavenly realm.

The Asgardians are considered Gods to the Migardians but they are really just varied forms of life. They age slower and do not receive wounds as quickly as the Midgardians do.

Odin is called the All Father liken to the orisha Obatala.  Odin possesses only one eye, which deal with the idea of the pineal organ.  Odin represents the all seeing eye and one of his gifts is that he can sense and feel things as they are happening no matter where he is.

Just like Obatala who represents omnipresent.  The first eye sees the underlying reality of all existence which means that all things are connected.

When dealing with the frost giants and freezing you are dealing with triple stage darkness. You are frozen in your actions,have only one goal or ambition or insanity where you are doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

This is the attribute of those who are in triple stage darkness, which means they are deaf to their ways and actions, blind to their ways and action and they cannot understand their ways and actions so they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

In order to overcome the frost giant one must activate their pineal gland.  This concept is represented in the movie as Odin, not only sensing when the frost giants appeared, but being able to beat them back.

In the movie Odin has two sons Loki and Thor.  Loki is an adopted son of Odin and uses deception, trickery and magic to navigate his world.  Thor uses a spiritual hammer that only attaches itself to someone with higher character.

The hammer is another representation of Shango’s double headed axe.  The hammer represents creative potential in motion, the metaphysical phallus.

When decoding the movie Thor it is an important to pay attention to the the different metaphysical concepts such as the 9 realms.   They are different realms that hang on a tree. 

When dealing with the tree we are dealing with the tree of life.  There are different trees of life that have its origin in the Kamit or the Congolese system.

Heaven and hell are in the same place, because as we decode the movie Thor, you will see that the place where the frost giants lived is connected.  This represents the fact that heaven and hell are within us.


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