How To – Thunder Ritual

How to- Thunder Ritual

How To- Thunder Ritual

How to- Thunder RitualHow To - Thunder Ritual? Come and learn to harness the power of lightning and thunder

Thunder and lightning often invokes fear in the bodies of men.  The heavens crack open and a flash of light streaks across the sky. Delighting the senses while creating awe in the moment.  Lightning is beautiful and terrifying.

The resounding boom of thunder causes one to jump or shudder or both.  It could be Sango and Oya moving through the land. or Thor making decisions in Valhalla, or Poseidon shaking the Earth.  While these cosmic archetypes wield thunder and lightning, the phenomenons themselves have their own meaning.

The Chief teaches in this week’s Foundational Friday show  everything that that comes from heaven is a seed to be used.  The rain, the fog, the sun shine, the dew, the thunder and the lightning come from heaven and must be used.

This can also be compared to when you receive instruction, it is a seed to be used and not tossed aside like old collected magazines.

Thunder rituals usually were used either for protection or to send destruction in the African American Hoodoo tradition.

You can use stones such as amber to produce lightning energy.  Or you could use fulgurite which is the substance that occurs when lightning hits sand.   Use these elements to harness the energy of lightning.

Mojo bags, similar to wangas, are little pockets of created energy.  For the how to- thunder ritual you can take wood oil, mix it with a feather and hold it up so it would soak up energy of the lightning and thunder an use for a protection or destruction ritual.

There are certain trees that are sacred to lightning such as oak wood trees and cedar wood trees.  You can ground the bark of these trees into powder and uses them in your rituals.  In older times the bark was used to keep lightning from hitting one's home.

For the how to - thunder ritual the lightning mojo bags can be protection to keep from having what was built from being destroyed.

Another way to use the energy of lightning and thunder is to take any oil use it as base oil,  pour it into a bag, find amber, lodestone or fulgarite,  and hold it to your crown chakra during a thunder storm.

Lightning bags are used to conjure lightning, because sometimes you need to tear down something that needs to be torn down.

The symbol for lightning is a z formation.  Out of this z formation comes the formula  "zig zag zig," which represents knowledge, wisdom, and  understanding which is also the representation of the divine original family, father, mother, child.  Therefore lightning also represents the full embodiment of divinity- god showing self.

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