Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Lifestyle

Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle


Vegan Lifestyle

Want to know more about health and spirituality? Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle

Dr. Yew interest in health in wellness came from his father, mother and grandmother.  As time went on he was able to study with a master herbalist and then study on his own.

He defines herbalism as being in tune with nature.  This is something that the urban dwellers in the Diaspora have been removed from.  The way of our Ancestors and their connection to the Nature has been though there is a resurgence of this knowledge.

Our needs as Afrakans  are biologically different than what the Western medicine proscribes for the average person.  Different blood types and DNA structures have different treatments. It is important to go back and learn how the Ancestors ate because that will bring us further along in health.

It is beneficially to prevent any health problems.   When Dr. Yew talks about health and a vegan lifestyle, he lets us know that veganism is as old as man.  Veganism is really no different than vegetarianism.  The political stance of one is what separates the two.

Looking at nature you can see that the animals are equipped to do certain things.  She is our guide and will show the healthiest choice for you.

The food that industry pumps out is made to keep you locked in one’s base nature.  It takes discipline and effort in order makes a lifestyle change.  As you begin, just get back to the basics- incorporate more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Allopathic means coming from a medical doctor which tends to isolate things in order to have, an over growth of candida is a lifestyle issue.  Candida exists in everyone to clean up waste but you are constantly pumping foods inside of you that builds up waste.  One must look at a lifestyle at a whole in order to come to a place of holistic healing.

Dealing from a holistic point of view, Dr. Yew doesn’t just try to isolate a symptom and treat it he looks at the whole lifestyle.  How are you receiving and giving energy, what kind of information that you have, what types of foods do you eat, do you enjoy nature, how is your family support, what are the relationships like?  All of these questions contribute to creating a regimen that will aide in their holistic healing.

This approach is what sets Dr. Yew apart from the average Naturopathic Doctor.  Spirit is dealing with energy and direction. Because we are energy beings we must look at how we process energy.  So everything has a spiritual cause.

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