Natural Holistic Remedies

natural holistic healing

Natural Holistic Remedies

natural holistic healing

Natural Holistic Remedies? Come learn about what Dr. Afrika says about health and spirituality

This week on ANU Asafo we are pleased to have as a guest the illustrious Dr. Afrika.   Dr. Llalia Afrika is a giant in his field of study of ethnocentric health and nutrition.

He started n Psychotherapy and made transitioned into healing the body.  He received his education from Anglo Saxon Institute in England but was generally educated in Germany.

He is a certified Addictionalogist, certified Nurse, Acupuncturist and Metaphysician. He has written many important works including the "Afrikan Holistic Health" and "Melanin What makes Black people Black", he is a lecturer, Master Teacher and Medical astrologist.

With his understanding of the genetic and ethnic component of health and nutrition and over 35 years in his field of study, Dr. Afrika is truly a warrior for the people.

The intersection of spirituality and health meets at the mind.  According to Dr. Afrika, spirituality is simply a language.  By the virtue of being human we are spiritual and because we recognize that we are celestial beings we must also recognize that our body is the first house that God or Supreme Being lives in.

There is no separation between health and spirituality.  As beings housing God in our flesh, we must approach our bodies with honor and respect.

One should use the principles of Maat as a barometer of how to treat their bodies. The principles of justice, reciprocity, harmony and balance are the proper way to deal with this flesh that we live.  Learning how to apply the principles will move you closer to health.

With this understanding it is easy to see how a denatured and genetically modified substance such as white flour or white sugar does not honor or contributing to the justice of the body.

Food is a communion with god.  And because the body is an astrological instrument, it is another language that connects you to god, yourself and nature.

The standardization of the medical establishment and federal food regulations does a disservice to the uniqueness of Afrikan people.  As Dr. Afrika say “if you want to win this war” you must and get the information wherever you can.

The melanin of Afrakans and the melanin of Europeans are different.  Afrakan melanin has selenium in the center of it and the melanin of Europeans has sulphur in the middle of it. Because of this difference the food that Afrakan need to eat and the natural holistic remedies to heal our bodies is different.

And because we recognize that we are spiritual beings, divine sparks of the Supreme Being, we must be conscious of the spiritual and emotional food that we put into our system.  As Dr. Afrika says “this body doesn’t belong to you”.

There is an attack at the genetic level on the food that we put into our bodies.  But the first step for health is to deconstruct the alien training that you received and reeducate yourself on your right culture.  With the proper culture you can learn to be in your right mind.

To Learn more about Natural Holistic Remedies please listen to our Blogtalk Radio show on Natural Remedies- Dr. Afrika here:


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