While reclaiming one's true identity, it can be helpful look at the similarities within the Pan African and indigenous traditions for clarity. One beautiful tradition that originated with the Bantu people from Swaziland  is the Sangoma tradition.
Typically the diviners of this tradition are known to use bones to understand what the energies are telling them.  This tradition, like so many Afrakan or indigenous traditions, respect the power of the feminine in that it is typically ran by women. So great are their prowess, the women were seen as the protectors of the village.  Though men are certainly allowed to be diviners in this tradition.
The Sangoma are master astral travelers.  This is because much of spiritual work and answers comes from the being possessed by the lidlotis or  honored ancestors.
The interesting thing about their connection to the lidlotis is that these ancestors are not necessarily from their own blood line but it is whichever lidlotis wants to work with them.

This is a practice to take note because not every relative that died wants the responsibility of an honored ancestor and do not want work with you.  You may be giving libations and praying to an Aunt that just likes to smoke and will not tell you a thing.
In the book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power" the Chief Jegna H. Yuya Assaan-ANU gives a practical understanding of Ancestral worship and shrine building.

A key connection to pay attention to is the Sangoma and Yoruba connection.  Sangoma has a Sango vibration to it.  The word means people off the drum or people off the drum who play with fire. Similarly to Sango who is known as the drummer and one who held fire in his mouth.

Sangoma colors are red and white and Sango's color are red and white. The Sangoma are children of Sango. They use the fire and vibration of Sango to access the alchemical process.

The alchemical process involves looking into a substance and seeing its energy and utilizing it for spiritual work. The spirit projects itself in a substance and transmutes it so you can use it.  Also known as dark magic or just using what you have to get what you want.

The Afrakan identity has been maligned and misinterpreted by popular culture.  But with the wisdom of the lidlotis, those honored and cultivated ancestors, you can return to divine place of origin.

In all of the myths of Afrakan people we call ourselves the people from the heavens and by using the spiritual calculations taught by the ANU order, one can certainly make that a reality.

To learn more about the Sangoma please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on the Sangoma here:


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