Nicky Love Talks about Community and African Spirituality

Nicky Wunam Talks About Community

Nicky Love Talks about Community and African Spirituality

Nicky Wunam Talks About Community

 What about Nicky Love Talks about Community and African Spirituality? Come learn about healing and reconstructing your reality

Revolution.  It is a word rife with historical and cultural context or political upheval and harden men doing dirty work for the good of their people. But another way to define this term is "Re- or Ra" which means to see and "volution" which means a spiral formation so revolution also means to see the spiral.

On this week's segment of ANU Asafo Nicky Love talks about community and African spirituality.  She was one of the first to bring consciousness to radio 6 years ago. She is born in a line of healers so much of her work and ancestral directive is about healing the community.

She tells us that we need to recognize the power of our ancestors and call upon on them for spiritual support.  It is the best way to fight back in this oppressive society because the oppressor does not understand justice when it comes to our people.

When something needs to get done going back, that Sankofa concept, and looking at what worked in our traditional African Spirituality can really help to create an effective outcome.

Nicky Love says that everything we need is in nature and as the Chief Jegna writes in his book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power" one of the best ways to increase your ase or spiritual power is through respecting nature.

When the larger population of people are ready to embrace traditional African spirituality and unify it will make a difference.  We have to let go of the separatism and the factions that are present within the conscious community as Nicky Love tells us.

Once we innerstand the problems of the Diaspora we can begin to remove the root of the problem which is the communication gap as Nicky Love tells us and take a greater responsibility for our community.

As Nicky Love talks about community and African spirituality she created the Wunam Sacred Society in order to use the gifts and power to make a change for the people she serves.

The goal is to bring back the best of the Afrakan indigenous culture to the Afrakans living in the America.  Within the time span that one is finished with the ANU Spiritual Training and is ready to work in the trenches there will be a cadre of spirit workers working toward that shift. When one "sees the spiral" then you can innerstand and deconstruct what went wrong and reconstruct your world for your highest good.

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