What is the concept of Sankofa? Going back to go forward and the how it relates to the Afrakan identity

 In the process of evolution, studying where one comes from is necessary. Without this discipline, one is doomed to repeat the same mistake over and over again.

The concept of Sankofa was birthed from the Akan tradition and highlights this idea.  Sankofa means to go back and fetch it.

The symbol is of a bird that is looking back but moving forward.  This symbol really speaks to going back to the traditions of African thought and retrieving the highest ideals of our legacy in order evolve to the next step.

Because of this, it is important to scrutinize where our ancestors left off and  look at those ideals  to see what can work for you and what you  should let go.

Some family traditions are still connected to an alien tradition such as Evangelical Christianity and scrutinizing it makes that person realize that it no longer or rather it never worked for them.

You do not have to abandon the tradition if you learn the metaphysical nature of the Christianity and apply it to your study.  With this you can proceed to a place of awareness and come back to a more natural spiritual tradition.

Sankofa and the principle of time are intimately connected.  One's spiritual identity comes out of their past experiences. It comes out of respecting the cyclical nature of life and the transitions that one has gone through.

Time allows you to document the thing that you are going through. By documenting these events it gives you the ability to recreate and reshape them and have a better understanding of self.   As the Chief shared "the Odu are documentation of cosmic energy and how the appeared on the planet at one time".

When you learn to use and work with the Odu, you will be able to tap into the energy of Sankofa and recreate that cosmic energy and better understand what energy is moving in a specific place and time.

When you take the Sankofa journey, research the details such as the food that was eaten, the way the clothes were worn, how the children were reared, and look how Afrakan related to each other. We are facing the systematic white washing of the Afrakan traditions, so it is important to remember and retain who we are.

When you go back and fetch those highest ideal, it gives you a proper footing in the world and you can use the philosophies to help you to regain your righteous Afrakan mind.

To learn more about Sankofa and the African identity  talks about African Spirituality please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Sankofa here



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