Pan Africanism and the Ancestors

Mwalimu Baruti

Pan Africanism and the Ancestors

Mwalimu Baruti

 What is Pan Africanism and the Ancestors? Come and learn about the the Akan spiritual system and how it relates to redefining what you think you are


Reclaiming and redefining our identity as Afrakans is important in healing of ourselves and community.  During the Mafaa, the enslavement process, the kidnapped Afrakans were wrenched from their family, language, and culture.

The wrenching created a deep psychological scar that the individuals of the Diaspora are still healing.

But the testament to the power and greatness of Afrakan people is the ability to regenerate and recreate who we are.

Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan is a leader of the Akan spiritual tradition.  The Aakhuamu Nation is a learning system that is based on the Akan ethnic calculations.

In this tradition Pan Africanism and the Ancestors are linked because the importance that the Akan traditions place on the revered Ancestors.

Kwesi offers his videos and lectures for free to those who listened to the Ancestral urge to remain ethnically and racially minded and wish to cultivate a strong and educated mind for that purpose.

Pan Africanism serves the greater community by providing the individual who wants to know a path to evolve their own unique identity.

The ANU Spiritual Training is flavored with Pan Africanism. Here we are taught to pull from the different traditions in order to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our cultural calculations.

Though we certainly deal with the Orisha energies from Yorubaland as seen in the preliminary course of the ANU order Enlightenment and Transformation, we also study various other systems as well such as the Kabbalahlistic system and the zodiac system.

There is a common thread of truth with Pan Africanism and the Ancestors if one is willing to shed the dogma and let go of the cultural attachment when it comes to different systems.

If you can remain open, you will be able to utilize the different spiritual calculations for your highest good.

The Akan spirituality offers an innerrstanding that is rich and varied.  These Afrakan traditions are an integral part of the Diaspora’s identity and the reclamation of sanity.

With Master Teachers like the Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU and Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan we can begin to break the psychological chains that have been socially constructed  in the Diaspora and weed out the individuals that are either too blind to see or too much of a slave to walk off the plantation.

To learn more about Pan Africanism and the Ancestors please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan  African Spirituality and the Ancestors here

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