Speaking to Your Guardian Angel

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Speaking to Your Guardian Angel

Guardian Orisha

What is the texture of character? Is it the cheesy stuff that you are made of?  Does it drive your will and actions?  Are we born without character and to have it cultivated or is that we come to the Earth with a certain flavor of character?

These are some questions to consider when speaking to your guardian angel.  Your own personal guardian angel is here to bring you to your highest ideal.  Your guardian angel is your ori.  Who and what you are comes from the ori.  Your ori is you as the Supreme Being.

To walk as God on the planet, consider the sun.  It offers its light every new dawning which enables organisms to live and reproduce.  It asks for nothing in return.  But only fertile soil produces the fruit that we as fleshly and spiritual beings enjoy.

Maybe if you keep this example in mind when speaking to your guardian angel, you will see that an unconditional service to humanity reflects the divinity one strives for.

Study yourself and there you will find the kingdom of heaven.  Or a vicious state of hell but the point is to look within.

Celebrate what makes you unique. What makes you a man or a woman?  What sensual stimulus triggers that primal understanding within you? It could be starting fires in your back yard or biting into a warm and soft loaf of banana ginger bread.

Be aware of the fact that when you cross the gender line you begin to confuse the gifts that you came on the Earth with.  Though this distortion is pretty popular in Western society it weakens you and your ori.

You decided on your aura, the way you move, your particular style, the cadence of your voice, the family that gets on your nerves, the social position you find yourself in before you were just a seed of light.

This is because you are responsible to return with a unique message for the Supreme Being.  So it is important that you charge your ori constantly and keep it strong.

Now, you can weaken your ori with bad character.  The barometer of righteousness is whether or not you remain obedient to your soul’s mission.

If you have difficulty determining your soul's mission, then you can map out your soul mission with a spiritual reading or delve deeply in those dark watery energies like Olokun or Oya.

The Chief points out that the Great Spirit did not take the trouble to negate itself and put itself into a flesh prison for nothing.  With that thought in mind, getting to know who and what you are is serious business.

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