Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality

Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality

Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality

Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality

What defines you?  This question causes many to fall into the "mid-life crisis" program because they have invested their youth in an alien culture determine to destroy Afrakan-ness.

Some never wake up to this tragic deception.  But some do and wake up to the understandings of Oba Anpu Introduction to African spirituality.

The first step of a newly awakened individual is to uncover the true self and the power that is gained from returning to our original spirituality.

For too long, our identity has been given to us by individuals who seek to use our gifts for their own gain.

We are left with nothing but confusion and disorder when it comes to our communities.  Because of this, it is up to the ones who have a profound knowledge of self to bring themselves and their family to a sense of sanity.

In Oba Anpu Introduction to African spirituality he talks about the need to be symbol literate. In our interaction with the Western society we should be aware of the daily hypnosis.

Whether it is the money with all the obvious sigils or the architectural structures, these symbols communicate to the spirit world a certain message.

Learning those symbols will give you the knowledge to either communicate with the spiritual realm or circumvent a vampiric attack.

The majority of Afrakans living in America deny or hide from the hidden knowledge of their Ancestors. The oppressive and parasitic elite do not hide from their source of power.

In fact the massive campaign against Afrakan spirituality should pique the observers’ interest.

One movement that is suspicious is the aggressive push toward the normalization of homosexuality. While each human being should be respected because they have life, a person sexual preference doesn’t need to be everyone’s political and economic business.

The question that Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality asked that certainly needs to be addressed is:  "what would make someone from a different genetic and historic background completely deny their own heritage and embrace an alien culture faster than embracing themselves?"

In the west, there is such a deep seated vein of self-hatred and low self-esteem in the Afrakan American community.  How was it allowed to get this way?

For too many of us, our barometer of success is created by “whiteness”- the education, the vehicles, the clothes and even the money and how its exchanged are all dictated by an ideal that does not uplift the community.

In hot pursuit of these transient things we lose sight of what is the priority---the development of our spirit and our character unencumbered by the oppressive elite.

It is important to question what you think?  Where did these thoughts come from?  And why with all the genius, power, and glory of our Afrakan selves do we still suffer so much from low self esteem?

To learn more about the Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Oba Anpu Introduction to African Spirituality please here

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  1. I tried to listen to this program 10/6/2013 regarding African Spirituality. Yuya Assaan was NOT the speaker for this program. I maintained an open mind, and a lot of the things he said made logical sense. HOWEVER, a few things left bigger issues and questions with no solution:

    1. The interviewer asked him about homosexuals. He vehemently said he was against it, and when asked well is there a spiritual cure for it, he said he didnt know and has never seen it cured–so… where does that leave homosexuals? lost? and he mentions homosexuals not being able to procreate–so a heterosexual couple who dont have kids breaking divine order?

    2. The host asked about his biracial friends. The guest mentions he is against that also. He asserts a white person cant have a black soul, but a black person who looks white can…but he is against biracial people…Does that mean a biracial has half a soul or no soul at all or just lost?

    3. The guest is a purest and against any form of afrikan spirituality that has merged with other traditions (Santeria, catholics, etc)Basically, asserting those practices can leave the authentic spirits to leave and wicked spirits to remain (im paraphrasing). Im sure this is all his opinion and i respect that, it just makes it challenging since the things Ive researched on this site slightly contradicts what this guest is saying which made me wonder why was he invited?

    I ENJOY this site and all of Yuya Assaan teachings, but this was the first program I heard where I was left with more questions and concerns–which I guess is a good thing.I am a black male so I am not commenting from a place of being offended by the way.

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