The Orisha at NYC Festival 2013

The Orisha at NYC Festival 2013

The Orisha at NYC Festival 2013

The Orisha at NYC Festival 2013

There are many different ways to open yourself to the real you.  Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center offers some deeper insights to the self-actualization with the orisha at NYC Festival 2013.

When dealing with the myriad of energies that you encounter on daily basis, it is important to create protect for yourself.   There are entities, sometimes masquerading as people, that want to feed off of your ashe or power.

When they see a door, such as religious dogma or stress, it is very easy for these entities to  access and steal that power.

Next time, when you come into contact with someone or a situation, be mindful of how you feel when you step away.

If you are hot, tired or sleepy when you leave them, take note. You may have encountered a spiritual vampire.

In the workshop working with the orisha at NYC Festival 2013, we learned that the orisha are not childish low level entities with cartoonish character flaws. They are indifferent cosmic forces expressing themselves in various forms.

Osun, the force of knowledge, conception, creativity and the joining of forces represents herself on the Earth as Shola or Beyonce.  Ogun the brute iron force of the cosmos and martial sciences represents himself as the Zulu nation or 50 Cent.

These selected consciousness do this so that they can express themselves in this current time and space.

We can use these energies as an example for ourselves.  At each stage of your development there is a new way to express yourself.   Your old self dies along with any ego attachments to certain foods or ideas and a new more evolved expression of self emerges.

Your entire lifestyle has changed and to some you are unrecognizable.  But as long as you are true to yourself and committed to the Truth then authenticity will always be a part of your unique expression.

Working with the orisha at NYC Festival 2013 or at any moment one can see that this is how we begin to use the properties of their natures to enliven that same aspect within us.

You can use Eshu, the gatekeeper of the cosmos, to open up the gateway of your consciousness.

You can use Ogun, the acidic force of the cosmos, to cut away any seen obstacle that will keep you from your highest self.

You can invoke his brother Osossi, the emissary of astral travel, to chart out the path that you need to go.  You can use Oya, the transformative force, to blow in the winds of change.

You could use Shango, the energy of equilibrium and circumspection, to give you the courage to move through the necessary changes.

The orisha are not to be served.  They are tools of transformation and self-actualization because ultimately “your goal is to serve your ori, which is your highest self or the divine spark of the Supreme Being, Olodumare.”

To learn more about the Orisha at NYC Festival 2013 please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Orisha at NYC Festival 2013 please here

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