The Umfumdi Edition

The Umfumdi Edition

The Umfumdi Edition

The Umfumdi Edition

The umfumdi or students of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center discuss their contribution to the ANU order in the Umfumdi Edition.

Phylecia Ta Ra El- ANU’s book Natural Hair for Young Women talks about the history of natural hair and solutions for women to return to their original selves.

Many women of Afrakan origin living in America have not fully embraced their natural selves.  Weaves, tracks, lace fronts, no lye relaxers, texturizers, Brazillian blowouts, Dominincan blowouts, keratin treatments just to name a few of things that women do to alter their look.

This billion dollar industry not only chemicalizies the women of our community and contribute to a number of dis-eases and cancers, not one dime of it is invested in to the Afrakan community.

In fact that, it is my opinion, that this industry is the leading cause contributor of an endemic that I like to call STA- “Spookify the Afrakan”.

In the umfumdi edition Phylecia points out that as a woman begins to discover the beauty and the truth of her truest self, the addiction to the “creamy crack” or no-lye relaxer begins to unfold.

When we begin to study our cells, the spiral of our DNA and the spiral of our 9 ether hair, we will see that we truly are star stuff. We will begin to overstand the tragedies of our past and triumph in this next wave of our future.

The first step is letting go.  Let go of the unnatural standards of beauty propagandized by an oppressive culture.  You can begin to remove the constant influence of anti-Afrakan-ness from your home and your office.  You can begin to educate yourself beyond the realms of established dis-information.

Celeste of the umfumdi edition aptly stated, that when you realize that your life is being controlled for commodity sake and become sick of it, you begin to make changes.

You will innerstand that truly no one compares to us, the Afrakan. All cultures and civilizations sprang out of the fertile soil of the Motherland.  Yet our culture is continually pillaged for profit.  Our men and young boys are being shot on sight and our women are being chemicalized again for profit.

Though this war upon the Afrakan continues, we still rise. Like the students revealed in the umfumdi edition you can find your way to wholeness.

Take a class offered by the Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center or begin to educate yourself and the young women in your community about natural hair with Natural Hair for Young Women.

When you tap into the energy of your ancestors and embrace Truth completely, you will begin to see your personal calabash of power erupt. You can begin somewhere and let the natural evolution of your DNA take place.

To learn more about the Umfumdi Edition please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on the Umfumdi Edition here:

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