Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center

Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center

Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center

Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center


What is the Sadulu House Spiritual  Community Center? Come and learn about the Spiritual Community center

When understanding the Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center let us first start with the idea of the “Sadulu”.  Sadulu means school and comes from the Congolese tradition of community learning.

While the men and women were away working in their agricultural fields the older children would take the younger siblings and teach them.  The elders of the community were the primary teachers in their community.

The Sadulu maintains its harmony because each member of the community engages in the learning experience.  The older siblings feel a sense of responsibility to the younger children, the younger children have a model to look up to and a standard to strive for.  The elders impart their wisdom to the next generation.

All members of the community come to learn the calculations and principles of their community.  This is where the community members have their identity shaped in a family environment.

Identity is an illusive thing in the West. Most struggle with the questions "Who am I? What is my true name? Or what does the name I currently accept mean?"  Uncovering who or what shapes your identity is important for your freedom.

The Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center models the Congolese tradition. It is a place where we umfundi (students) come to learn, share, and work towards a standard of merit.

It is also the place where we can begin to recover our true identity. The spiritual dimension of our learning safari is the beginning of the culture of our community.

One notion that we learned in the Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center is the concept of ori.  The ori, or higher self, points to the different natures of Olodumare since each ori is a unique spark of it. 

Therefore we can use the different known aspects of Olodumare to teach us how to evolve within ourselves and within our respective spiritual communities.

We also learn to be balanced and attuned to our highest ideas and ori using the teachings provided by the Anu Order.

Very much like the Congolese, it is best for the Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center if everyone is an engaged in the learning experience.

 And we must remember to honor and venerate our Ancestors, the Egun.  This will connect you to a larger spiritual community. There are different invocations, such as the one below that can be done to show proper reverence to your Egun .

Your Ancestors are an active part of your community and acknowledging their presence affirms your appreciation as well as their role in your life purpose.

(Ago Ago Ago gbo gbo ara orun mi agba orun ni wole mi ase)

- Attention, Attention, Attention, all my family in heaven, my elders in heaven look up on me. Ase

To learn more about Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Sadulu House Spiritual Community Center here:

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  1. Great job making the more complexed notion appear simply. That's a(n) unique skill! So, tell me, have you dome any literary editing — perhaps, fiction? In balance anD chaos…. :-)!

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