Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to Heaven

Come and learn about the science of Jacob’s ladder and the stairway to heaven

Maybe it is sex, maybe it is music, or maybe the technical knowledge of how to make the flaky golden brown crust for your vegetable patties brings you onto the stairway to heaven.  In that small moment of ecstasy, as the flavor fills your mouth, is where you will find enlightenment.

In Christian lore the first book of Genesis, also known as the Genes of Isis, chapter 28 verses 10 describes Jacob’s or Yacob’s ladder.  While running away from his twin brother, he had a dream about angels ascending and descending on a stairway.  The bottom of stairway is on Earth and top in heaven.

This allegory describes the rise and descent that one takes through their chakras. Each chakra is the house for the almighty and has its own heaven and hell.  Let’s say you are stuck in the root chakra.

This is where your material needs are addressed such as food, security and shelter.   A hell could be the over consumption of food to the point that now you can no longer righteously call yourself curvy.

You are fat, none of your clothes fit, and worse your joints hurt. You are trapped there.  You could either give in and eat yourself to death or do something about your condition.

There are different steps in hell and heaven.   A heaven could be the understanding of nutrition, a fit and curvy body and being generous with the food you make.

Everyone has their own particular step on the stairway to heaven.  In your own little corner of the world who are you?  What sort of darkness corrupts you? What gives you that delicious thrill of ecstasy?

Each rson’s trial and triumph cannot mirror each other.  The science of Yacob’s ladder works through the ecstasy and corruption of the flesh.  Acknowledge the real-ness of who you are and shed the extra weight.

“God is where you are at in the moment”.  This truth vibrates because of the sense of power that it holds and the very real responsibility that comes with it.  The Chief admonishes us to think the next time we want to do something intentionally against nature.

Remember, you are bringing your spark of Olodumare and your Ancestral energies into that action.  The most important thing is to learn your true nature and align your-self with your soul’s mission.   “The house of God is at the point of your evolution.”  And the stairway to heaven can take you there.

To learn more about the Stairway to Heaven please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Stairway to Heaven here:


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  1. Greetings,I have read and I am reading and using “How to be an Afrakan”. Recently I found the sites that talk about classes which I will enroll in.I have a lot of questions, particularly arranging a reading.
    I am very comfortable with what I have read in your book and will continue to study more of your information. I want to include my family in my search for truth. I left the Church 5yrs ago and will never return.I am searching for the science of my existence. I want my sons to know their History on all levels and I appreciate the time you put in sharing truth. thank you Kevin C.Jones

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