What is an Asafo?  Come and learn about scholarship and strategies for  the community

Asafo means warrior people. “Asa”  meaning war and “fo”  meaning  people when practically applied is warrior scholars.   This concept comes from the people of Ghana.  

It describes the type of people who use their intellect and scholarship to protect their community. When outsiders came to invade their land, this was the Akan people’s response.

In the West, it is the mind that is being invaded.  “The illusion of inclusion” or more plainly the illusion of integration, fed by the spirit of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, is a problem in the Afrakan community..  

For instance, the Chinese are not concerned with integration yet have a China-town, a center of commerce, in almost every major city. The unemployment rates for the Afrakan Diaspora is double that of the Anglo population.

After all the dust has settled the Diaspora does not equally benefit from mainstream society.

One Asafo strategy is to  harness the economic spending power of the Pan-Afrakan community. For example boycott any and all business that does not serve or build up the community and spend that extra gas money to support black own businesses in your area.  Check out  for more information.

Money is a tool that Afrakans can use to build up their own communities.  It can also be a tool to make a statement of autonomy from a culture that seeks to re-enslave the participants of it.  Why pay another to keep “their boot on our necks,” Ifawunmi says.

As an Afrakan collective, men and women can synergize to protect and provide for our community.  Mothers can educate themselves on how mainstream society conditions their children and what is being programmed into them.

Mothers should also be mindful of how they spend their money.  The men can educate themselves on how society seeks to enslave them and find strategies such as studying contract law to circumvent this.

Some spiritual application, as Ifawunmi suggests, include using the wisdom of Ancestors and work to make relevant action.  Also paying attention to where one places their time and energy is helpful so that spiritual work can be done. A skilled and adept warrior puts in the necessary training.

As Asafo, spiritual training can provide the balance and insight that one needs to be  holistic contributing member of their community as well as provide the vitality to sustain their momentum.

The children of  our community are the most vulnerable to the dis-empowering practices of the West.Exposing the illusion, harnessing our economic power, and synergizing are ways, as a community, we can ensure the protection of our children.

To learn more about Asafo please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Anu Asafo here:



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