Southern root work, Hoodoo and Voodoo

Southern root work, Hoodoo, and voodoo

Southern root work, Hoodoo and Voodoo

Southern root work, Hoodoo, and Voodoo


What does Southern root work, hoodoo,  and voodoo have to do with Pan Afrakanism?

For most people, the word Voodoo begins to conjure up televised pictures of a wrathful hag stealing bits of your DNA so that they could make a doll with it and then work evil into your life.

Southern root work, hoodoo and voodoo was something that you did to people, not a spiritual practice. This misunderstanding happened because outsiders witnessed the power of Voodoo and became afraid.

It can give you the power to break off the chains of your oppressors.

Southern root work  and hoodoo derives from voodoo as Afrakan American folk magic. It combines knowledge of the earth and its herbs, ancestral veneration and personal customization.  This is how folks used what they had to get what they wanted.

In the current expression of oppression there is a push to conform and become a component of a gray formless mass. In this hive mind state one does not do the spiritual work to find out what is their particular expression of power.

Instead of using what they have, they hold onto what was given to them.  Even if it kills them.

But as this amorphous mess decays, there come those that are seeking the light.  Those who utilize the light become a beacon because of the expression of power and effectiveness in their life.

They, the seekers, are those who begin to make the connections that certain behaviors and ideologies do not promote longevity and prosperity of their life.

They begin to ask certain questions such as: "Who is allowed to define me and why? Where does the true source of my power lay? What is my particular expression of that power on the Earth?  How do I maintain the link of traditional calculations and personal evolution?"

These are some of the questions that we must begin to answer for ourselves if we are to manifest our own new reality.

One begins to create more or decide to learn about southern root work, hoodoo and voodoo or find themselves listening to a lecture about orisha religions. They begin to research the ancient traditions and reevaluate it for relevancy.

One tradition from Kemet, the Chief teaches, is spiritizing your life. The people of Kemet saw that their words and actions were not frivolous. Everything had a spiritual significance and can be a tool.  Very much like the root worker and the hoodoo practitioners.

The colors worn, the garments and under garments chosen, and the greeting to one another were all deliberately chosen to maintain their particular spark from the supreme being but also to strengthen their connection to their soul's mission.

Whether your interest is in southern root work, hoodoo and voodoo or music and drum-patterns, self identity and power is about being exactly who you came to the Earth to be.

To learn more about Southern root work, hoodoo, and voodoo please listen to the BlogtalkRadio show on Southern root work, hoodoo, and voodoo here:



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