Symbols and Meanings – Aleph

Symbols and Meanings - Aleph

The Aleph

The letter A teaches us the supremacy of spiritual evolution and movement as depicted by the spiral configuration of it's Hebraic and Phoenician representation.
The letter “A” as depicted in our Hebraic alphabet is referred to as “Aleph”. It's image is that of a yolk; more specifically the yolk of an oxen or bull. This is a containment and bridling of a powerful energy. Also in ancient Phoenician agriculture the OX was seen as the most important force/animal in the cosmology of their community.
It's always critical to study the context of the people in which our concepts and observations are being derived from. The definitions may change based on the culture status and time dispensation.
You'll also, similarly note that this glyph is also similar to the Swastika.
In the Greek “A” is referred to as Alpha and it means “the beginning”.
Aleph-symbol and meaning
When we consider the implication of the this idea of the Aleph or the Alpha, what we are referring to is the primary importance of an exclusive reality.
The letter “Aleph” is also related to the element of air. Air being the primordial beginnings of all things created. This primal letter is also signified by the number “1”. This letter/number depicts the most dominant force of a series or program.
We can begin to see the layers of information and meaning that lie in even the most simplest of components of our existence. We are only using the letter “A” here as an example.
In truth the deeper truth of the Nazi “SS” militia and the Swastika point us directly to the force of lightening. This lightening was supposed to be the visual image seen as the great dragon fell from heaven.

What do symbols and their meaning do for our ritual practices?

So, in this sequence of the Aleph we see the force of lightening but, more importantly the cupping and wielding of the element of air.
Something as simple as drawing a letter A, especially in Hebraic form invokes the whole of these ideas, concepts, and realities.

Spelling decides the “Spell”.
Aleph or the letter “A” signifying the element of air, also is defined by the concept of “breath” and “Spirit”. As taught in previous lessons, I've shared with you that spirit and spiral are synonymous. Now, look at the glyph for “Aleph” and with your new understanding you will see that this letter actually makes the image of a spiral!
Nothing is accidental.
So, we see now this sacred letter deals with the movement and evolution of the spirit.

The spiral as divinely rendered upon the shell of the snail connects this sacred image to our Orisha Obatala. Note that the glyph “Aleph” is connected to the eagle which is sacred to Jupiter. Jupiter = Obatala.
Language not only holds a number charge but, the mathematics of language create a formula based reality that we find ourselves operating within.
Our job as, spirit workers, is to re-appropriate the charge of the language we use. We are consistently “charged” with the forces that surround and flow through the language that w use. Some of these charges remove power from us so, our job is to discharge those charges and to invigorate our spirits with verbs of power!

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