Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies


Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies

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Over the past decade there has been a proliferation of movies about werewolves, zombies, and Vampires. This not only expresses an interesting social commentary but, also speaks to the spiritual position of the recent social order. The idea of the vampire and zombie speak to a similar condition of soul illness or the absence of a soul, for that matter.
Advances in science, technology, and even media mark the spiritual progress of a group of people within the circle of a social or global consciousness. In this instance, the manifested development of a group can reveal the internal evolutionary developments. So, the expressing of the vampirical, werewolf personality, and the zombification of people speaks to the spiritual station of a people, at a given time.

Let's begin with...

The Vampire

The energy of the vampire is of incessant malicious intent. The vampire is energy starved so, it's always on the hunt for energy sources. The vampire lives in he world of the "undead". In this place ,the vampire neither receives the acknowledgment of existence as an ancestor would but, also does not receive the benefit of a body filled with rivers of ASE/Power.
Because of this lack of life force, the vampire searches for a vehicle of manifestation in exchange for presence and acknowledgment in the land of the living.
To function or perform work in the land of the living this energy, or spiritual force, must have some force of life energy in order to manifest its character.
The vampire is a parasitic predator who takes energy through beguilement, mental programming/hypnosis, and entrapment. Typically, the offering up of the energy has to occur in a way that is complicit. In order for the vampirical parasite to live, energy must usually be consciously/unconsciously given, it is rarely taken. Tricknology, is the operative methodology.

The Werewolf

Contrary to the vampire, the Werewolf is a warm blooded individual who lives by a moral code when it is able to self-manage. The Werewolf is not driven by a need to hunt or feed but, instead, is usually depicted as forcibly transforming by the light of the full moon or as a result of maturing into puberty.

The Werewolf strain is inherited through family blood and is usually not wanted. The werewolf's transformation is most typically brought on by heightened emotions, most often anger. The metamorphosis into the raging beastly canine is more often than not unintentional.
After this transformation takes place and the Werewolf does its worse it usually changes back to its human form. If the change was brought on by anger, the Werewolf will feel remorse for what it may have done while in its beast state. It does not kill for energy or arbitrarily. The Werewolf is a slave to its lower nature.
Typically werewolves hunt together in packs and form communities complete with a hierarchy structure, under the command of an alpha male.
Not only are they in the world of the living, they live life to the fullest. The Werewolf is also depicted as very loyal to those it considers to care for. A Werewolf represents the inability to manage and control our emotions. It is the he irreparable damage that we can cause, in an instant because of our inner fire, similar to our Orisha Shango.

The Zombie

is purely a victim of spiritual incarceration. The zombie has lost all purpose and meaning for living; existing only by automatic function. This can, come as a result of external tampering or a gradual drift from one's life mission.
Similar to the vampire, the zombie has no place of functionality. The land of the living has become a tormenting memory; and the land of the dead, now visible, does not yet recognize the individual's membership.

A zombie can also be made as a result of an individual unwittingly placing themselves at the altar of a spiritualist or culture that has not benevolent intent towards them. Media can turn an entire society into zombies using sound, images, and subtly persuasive concepts.
The zombie is a person who has over abused their mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Our hearts and spirits were designed for wear but, so often we forget that they also have a threshold and when we push them beyond their capacity we cause enormous damage to ourselves that freezes us at that moment of spiritual infraction. The spirit then removes itself from the immediate vicinity of he individual to retain its life force.
Now the individual is functioning on automatic reflex and has lost the connect between its soul and spirit. Motivation is gone and life purpose is completely a mystery.

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