H. Yuya Assaan-ANU on Occult Science Radio 2-21-2013 – Orisha, Psychics, Spirit Guides, and more

HRU Assaan-ANU
Spiritual Consultant, HRU Assaan-ANU

Orisha, Psychics, Kabbalah, Spirit Guides

Recently I did a radio interview with Curtis Davis of "Occult Science Radio". We were able to talk about Orisha, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Psychics, Kabbalah, tools for liberation, and so much more.

We had a great share and covered a few topics that I know you all will value and benefit from.
I was able to share information on The ORI and how it projects its intention and will to the various Orisha energies.

"The Kabbalah tree of life is a representation of the journey of your soul" - This was a point I was able to bring out during the broadcast in order to shine light on the personal connection that we all have to that tree of life that represents itself in many creation stories around the world.

We were also able to explain the science of the psychic and how it relates to the understanding and interaction with the soul. Here I was able to explain the misconception of psychology and all things with the root "Psych or Psyche" which technically classifies itself as a religion.

Listen to a powerful Radio Broadcast on The Orisha here:

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