Ancestors – Spirits of the Egun

Ancestors - Spirits of the Egun

Ancestors - Spirits of the Egun

Do you know how to effectively connect with your Ancestors (Spirits of the Egun)?
Is your channels of communication clear with your Ancestors?

In this episode we'll cover the difference between Ancestor veneration and Ancestor worship. We'll define these terms and speak to the necessity of each.

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Also, we'll cover some of the basic rites that can be done to honor your Ancestors/Egun and provide them with a level of comfort on the next leg of their journey. These are important concepts and techniques to cover as far too many people sit in confusion when a loved one transitions without a clue as to how to move forward or what should appropriately be done for them. Sometimes grief is the only door that some pass through and that energy clouds judgement and reason.

When we're dealing with the world after this one, we have to use a separate tools set to navigate and come into a place of knowing. Using the world as we know it as a reference point to define and comprehend the messages and structure of the here after will not work.

How do the spirits of the Egun communicate? Do the Ancestors need anything from us? Do we need anything from them?
These questions, and more, will be answered in this episode.

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