What are the spiritual gifts

What Are The Spiritual Gifts?

What are the Spiritual Gifts?

This show travels into various spiritual gifts and their definitions.  The question of “what are the spiritual gifts” is one that is acknowledged best from within and not by outward consideration of what the group consensus is as it pertains to spiritual endowments. We come to this planet with a prototypical mission that is aided by the gifts from glory we carried along the way to earth. Due to the variety of our missions charge and purpose, the gifts or tools prerequisite to fulfill said commitment will vary in size, shape, esteem, and even “shelf life”.

Some have the gift of premonition, prophecy, astral projection, astral travel, dream decipherment, divination, healing, spiritual discernment, old life wisdom, mediumship, channeling, and so forth and so on. These facilities are not to idolize the personal identity or allow one access to the inner sanctums of religious assemblage but, rather serve to bring the individual and those in coalition with the individual to a place closer to their greatest command.

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