Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons



Olokun is the force and power of the unconscious mind. The sleeping giant, if you will. The name, itself, means “Owner of the Ocean”.

Olo- Owner and Okun/kun-Ocean.

This powerful water Orisa governs the concept of space and is apart of the triune of powers (Olorun, Olokun, and Onile). This Orisa is the energy of all bodies of water although usually connected with the depths of the sea. The owner of the largest Ancestral home on the planet; this ruler of all bodies of water deals with the massive and unfathomable realm of Ancestral and planetary wisdom.

Similar Energies: Yemoja/Yemaya, Mami Wata, Poseidon, Leviathan, Hydra, Neptune

Listen to  Part 1 of the Olokun Radio Broadcast here:


Listen to  Part 2 of the Olokun Radio Broadcast here:


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All background music performed and composed by YUYA for Metaphysicmusic.com.

For more information on Olokun and other Orisha, go to http://orishareligion.com/OR/index.php/the-orisa/olokun

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