Chief Speaks

11-23-14 Chief Speaks -Spiritual Gifts and Self Actualization

Self Actualization Let’s skip the appetizers and get straight to the main course. That was the first callers energy was like on this episode of 11-23-14 […]

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spiritual gifts

Are You Using Your Spiritual Gifts or Are You Hiding From Them?

Spiritual Gifts Of all the radio show options provided by Chief Yuya, my absolute favorite is the Chief Speaks show, which is the root of this […]

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Chief Yuya has a New Show on Enlightenment & Transformation & High Frequency BlogtalkRadio Networks!

Blogtalkradio “Chief Speaks” LIVE, with Chief H. Yuya Assaan-Anu every Sunday!! Are you new to studying about spirituality and find that you end up forming more […]

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