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Chief Yuya has a New Show on Enlightenment & Transformation & High Frequency BlogtalkRadio Networks!

Blogtalkradio “Chief Speaks” LIVE, with Chief H. Yuya Assaan-Anu every Sunday!! Are you new to studying about spirituality and find that you end up forming more […]

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Grow Your Business with the Energy of Manifestation

Manifestation In another episode of Master Mind Mondays, host Phylecia Tarael-ANU enlightens listeners on how to invoke Orisha Yemoja and her energy of manifestation. The Great […]

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Is Dust Divine?

Dust: What exactly did our ancestors leave behind? The only good we ever see in dust, is it’s absence when we wipe it away. Removing the […]

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Sustainable Living-Self Sufficiency

Self-Sufficiency This incredibly empowering and enlightening segment of Anu Asafo sheds a much-needed light on the imperative of sustainable living for anyone concerned with real freedom […]

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spiritual oppression

What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and spiritual possession?

What are the harmsĀ of freedom, spiritual oppression, and possession? Spirituality is gaining quite a bit more popularity than religion these days. Many people seek out spirituality […]

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